Monday, October 10, 2016

Put on your walking shoes and...

.....go hunting! The outfit I am wearing here is from three little hunts with really awesome prizes!Don't miss them!

1. Outfit: Irina crossed halter top and boyfriend jeans from Etchaflesh. It's a really fantastic gift that comes in different sizes and a HUGE HUD which will allow you to choose between a lot of different colours and textures for every part of the outfit. It's one of the great prizes of the store's Halloween hunt - Basically, you can hunt every day and get one prize of your choice. Just follow the instructions at the landing point!
 2. Heels - These classic Lucie pumps are Baby Monkey's gift for the Out of the Box hunt at the ScratchN Post. They come in Belleza, Maitreya and Slink sizes and have a colour HUD with ten different colours. The hunt object is an open box.
3. Hair - My hair is from pr!tty - Karla Marama, its creator, scattered some gifts around a new sim, Lakewood Haven, to celebrate its opening. The prizes were awesome but I only just checked and they appear to be gone... I could still find one HERE though... so hurry before it disappears too!

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