Monday, October 10, 2016

Put on your walking shoes and...

.....go hunting! The outfit I am wearing here is from three little hunts with really awesome prizes!Don't miss them!

1. Outfit: Irina crossed halter top and boyfriend jeans from Etchaflesh. It's a really fantastic gift that comes in different sizes and a HUGE HUD which will allow you to choose between a lot of different colours and textures for every part of the outfit. It's one of the great prizes of the store's Halloween hunt - Basically, you can hunt every day and get one prize of your choice. Just follow the instructions at the landing point!
 2. Heels - These classic Lucie pumps are Baby Monkey's gift for the Out of the Box hunt at the ScratchN Post. They come in Belleza, Maitreya and Slink sizes and have a colour HUD with ten different colours. The hunt object is an open box.
3. Hair - My hair is from pr!tty - Karla Marama, its creator, scattered some gifts around a new sim, Lakewood Haven, to celebrate its opening. The prizes were awesome but I only just checked and they appear to be gone... I could still find one HERE though... so hurry before it disappears too!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Two pretty dresses

On Laura:
dress & necklace, Indyra, prize for the Tie the Knot Hunt - hurry, hunt ends on September 30th! The outfit is hidden inside a black box with a diamond ring .  Take a seat and rest for a moment... to find it! (winks)
Hair: Fabia (see previous post)

On Red:
Sex Me dress, A gift from Entice for the SLF&O group.
Hair: Gianna, SLF&O gift from Alice Project

A warm autumn day

Enjoying a warm sunny day in the garden in our awesome new outfits!

On Greenfrog:
Artizana, Nidolo - group gift for the Best of SL Magazine reaers. It includes a shirt and tie, a vest and trousers.(and there's a very nice gift for women too!)
Hair: Argrace, Minato - an old gift, but still there.

On Laura:
outfit: M-Motion, Off shoulder sweater and skirt, group gift
hair:  Fabia, Rima hair fatpack, on Marketplace
necklace: Indyra (part of a very pretty outfit for the tie the knot hunt)
Shoes: Mutresse (not free)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Twisted blue

I found two lovely blue gowns at Rowena's Designs and Precious Designs today - both of them are prizes for the Twisted Hunt -which means they are totally free but you'll need to locate a hidden rotating cube first!

On Redcat (left):
Dress: Divination gown from Precious Designs, Twisted Hunt prize
Hair: Rezology, Boon, @ the Free Dove
Earrings:Circles, free gift to all from Chop Zuey
Tattoo: White Widow, Cosmo birthday gift (no longer available)

On Laura:
Dress & necklace: Divinity dress & necklace,  from Rowena's Designs, Twisted Hunt prize
 Hair: Kylie, Runaway hair, group git
Shoes: Chicchica, Sesa denim (old gift at an event, no longer available)

Pose: .vix, back to back, free on Marketplace

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Cynful birthaversary!

To celebrate the birthday of Cynthia Ultsch, founder of Cynful, some great designers have placed out great gifts at the party place! Hurry...  don't think they will stay there for long! You'll need to join the Cynful group.

Everything I am wearing (except the hair) is from the birthaversary celebration (and there's much more!):
dress,  Slayer dress by Cynful - fits perfectly my Belleza Isis body!
tote bag, Ariskea
Malena heels, Phedora
nails,Fall flowers polish,  ZOZ
necklace,Aphorism, Antique necklace
Pose,  12AM

Hair. Entwined, Daisy GG

Friday, September 9, 2016

A walk in the countryside

It's A New Dawn is a great place for a romantic walk... AND for taking pictures!
My pretty little dress is one of the 1L prizes at Brii's for the September hunt...the theme is "Pretty Little Liars" . You can find a poster with all the gift pics and a pic of the hunt item HERE.
Heels: Lavinia, Pure Poison - current group gift.
Skin:  alterego, Meli - SLF&O group gift - comes with appliers too!
Hair: damselfly, Cella - Crossroads gift
necklace:Lybra, Ania necklace - Crossroads gift

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Girls on bikes

My friend Nicandra, who is also a Freedeology member, asked me to go on a bike trip with her... to take pics for her blog.
So here we are, enjoying the end-of-summer sunshine, holding hands like little girls  and talking of...well, guys of course!! *giggles*

Dress and shoes: group gifts at the Cremosas store
necklace: Meva Grelie necklace - one of the gifts at the Yougacha event.
As for info on what Nic is wearing, the bikes and the picnic stuff... check out her blog:
the SL Fashionista

Monday, September 5, 2016

Lazy summer days

It's pretty hot where i am in RL - actually hotter than it was in July! - so i am still dreaming of lazy summer days...

bodysuit: Rebecca, Addams' awesome new group gift! Highly customisable, thirteen colours to choose from (and you can give the laces a different colour too) - you can also hide the lower part to wear it as a top with jeans and shorts.
necklace: Anya necklace from Lybra  at the Crossroads
hair: Damselfly's Cella (fatpack) at the Crossroads
Skin: September group gift from 7 Deadly s(k)ins - group is not free to join at the moment, but they often have "free join" times so keep an eye on them!
nails: Zoz at the Cosmopolitan Sales event

Not to be missed!

There are a few days left for the Cosmopolitan Anniversary round and if you haven't been there yet, you MUST hurry, because the gifts are awesome!

Bird bath with robin: TLC at the Cosmopolitan sales room
On Red (left):
Dress & shoes: Hilly Haalan, Brenna outfit at the Cosmopolitan sales Event
Hair: Entwined, Daisy, new group gift ( fatpack) 

On Laura (right):
Dress: Ricielli, Audra dress (8 colours) at the Cosmopolitan sales room
Shoes: Breathe,Day after Day in wine, at the Cosmopolitan sales room
tattoo: White Widow at the Cosmopolitan sales room
Hair: Kokolores, Vanessa,  new group gift


Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince Tribute

                                          Remembering Prince Nelson :(
                                                  Forever in my Heart
Prince Tribute
Remembering Prince

Outfit: Delicatt Couture -PRINCE -